Flexcon H2Pro WWT-120 Diaphragm Well Pressure Tank

H2Pro WWT-120 315G Equiv Diaphragm (bladder) Tank 
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Available for Same Day or Next Day Shipment. The Flexcon H2Pro WWT-120 Well Pressure Tank Diameter is 26  inches wide x 59.75 inches tall and this tank has a female threaded 1.25 inch bottom inlet. The WWT-120 Tank has equal specifications and is a direct replacement for all tank brands and models listed at bottom of page.

Drawdown (before pump kicks on) is 48.0 gallons with a 20-40 pressure switch, 40.6 gallons with a 30-50 pressure switch and 35.1 gallons with a 40-60 pressure switch. 

The WWT-120 tank is equivilent in performance to a 315 gallon galvanized (non-bladder) tank, with an actual tank water volume of 120 gallons.

The WWT-120 tank has a factory pressure charge of 38 lbs psi and maximum operating pressure is rated for 125 lbs psi. Regardless of what tank brand or size you install, your tank diaphragm or bladder pressure must be adjusted to your pressure switch situation at time of tank installation in order for your well system to operate correctly. Follow link provided for tank installation and pressure adjustment instructions.

Notice - Our entire stock of Flexcon H2Pro, Well-Rite, Well-X-Trol and Flexcon Challenger tanks all contain Diaphragms now instead of "bladders" for longer service life.

Flexcon H2Pro tanks sit on a full skirt to distribute weight evenly and have a steel inlet connection. They do not sit on 3 prongs with a plastic (easily split) inlet fitting as do discount store grade tanks.

Flexcon H2Pro tanks are one of the more popular well water tanks on the market. Efficient and cost-effective, H2Pro tanks are designed with a patented controlled action, double diaphragm assembly that is completely contained in a pre-pressurized air cushion that reduces condensation and regulates diaphragm action.

H2Pro tanks have a a welded malleable elbow and an adjustable air charge. Clean, airtight welds are achieved using the most modern welding equipment available.

Flexcon H2Pro tanks are completed with an appliance quality almond off-white paint finish over primer coat, which combines outstanding outdoor durability, high luster, causes less heating due to sun (because of color) and blends particularly well with the earth colors used on many homes.

Flexcon interior diaphragms are constructed with a FDA approved high grade butyl. Flexcon tanks true airflow design means fewer problems with condensation. Flexcon diaphragms positive lock internal clench ring cannot slip and does not rely on the tank wall.

All of our quality Flexcon tanks are backed by a five year written limited warranty. Flexcon H2Pro tanks are quality tested at four different stages on the production line. Tests include helium and high pressure tests to ensure the structural integrity of every tank.

Lubee's evaluation? We have used H2Pro tanks over many years for thousands of installations and found them to be more than satisfactory as far as performance and reliability in residential, commercial and lawn sprinkler well applications. If you are looking for a cost-effective solid dependable professional grade tank for a replacement or new installation, you will be more than happy with a Flexcon H2Pro tank. They will definitely outlast their five year warranty, usually by many many years.

We have found the lighter almond color of the H2Pro tank seems to resist fading better, heats up the water inside less on hot sunny days and is less noticeble as it blends in with house and shrubbery, so is less subject to theft and vandalism.

This tank is shipped by truck because of UPS weight restrictions.

*The H2Pro WWT-120 is a direct replacement for the Challenger PC366, Well-Rite WR360, Well-X-Trol WX-350, Wel-Flow WF360, Champion CM22050, How 2 Tank HT119, Goulds or A O Smith V350, State Perma Tank PAD-119, and Well Mate WM35 tanks.

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Weight: 153.00 lbs

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