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GrassSoGreen Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate
The How and Why of Fertilizer Injection
Let mesay that we thought long and hard about whether to place the GrassSoGreen System in our website store because of the opinion I have formed about the devices (more like gadgets) that seem to dominate the automatic fertilizer market. We talked to many green industry professionals and numerous homeowners prior to approving the GrassSoGreen Fertilizer Injection System for sale in our webstore. Not to new users of the product, but to people who have fed the concentrated fertilizer through their irrigation systems for years.


GrassSoGreen System - 115V Pump - 15 Gal Tank - Fittings 
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Our complete professional grade GrassSoGreen fertilizer injection system for 115-120 Volt power source includes an adjustable  Chem-Tech UniDose Injection Pump, Injection Fittings and Tubing, Suction Hose and Pick-Up Strainer, 15 Gallon Storage Tank and one free gallon of GrassSoGreen Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate. Everything you need to green the lawn up and keep it looking nice - automatically.

The GrassSoGreen Fertilizer Injection System is a totally different product than most of the current crop of so-called "automatic fertilizer injectors".  Most of the competitive units on the market amount to gadgets that use tablets of concentrate that eventually form gum deposits that cause pop-up heads to stick in the up position and also eventually clog the small operating orifice in solenoid valves. We are not selling a gadget, our GrassSoGreen system uses an actual injection pump and fertilizer concentrate the is both effective and completely water soluable to avoid leaving gummy deposits.

The GrassSoGreen system uses a liquid fertilizer 18-3-3 concentrate which mixes evenly and completely with water in your 15 gallon storage tank. This thorough mixing eliminates the creation of residue that frequently collects with granular, powder or tablet systems to eventually gum up and cause problems with solenoid valves not working properly and sprinkler heads not retracting properly because the gum causes them to become stuck after popping up.

The GrassSoGreen system also utilizes a high quality injection pump for positive sure injection of pre-mixed fertilizer concentrate evenly into the mainline of your irrigation system, rather than relying on water flowing through a holding tank that has a wafer, tablet or granular powdered concentrate in it that may or may not dissolve in a timely manner and may or may not be distributed evenly to all areas of your lawn.

The Grass-So-Green system wiring can be acomplished by using the electric power available in your well pressure switch, or by use of a pump start relay or flow switch.

Please give us call prior to ordering and we'll be happy to assist you in making your choice of an automatic fertilizer injector system one that will provide you with a beautiful green lawn. You can call us at 352-573-7531


Weight: 35.20 lbs

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