Well-X-Trol WX-205 Diaphragm Well Pressure Tank

Well-X-Trol WX-205 Captive Air Pressure Tank 
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The WX-205 Well Pressure Tank Diameter is 22 inches wide x 29.6 inches tall and this tank has a female threaded  one and one-quarter inch bottom inlet.  The WX-205 Tank has equal specifications and is a direct replacement for all tank brands and models listed at bottom of page*

Drawdown (before pump kicks on) is 13.7 gallons with a 20-40 pressure switch, 11.6 gallons with a 30-50 pressure switch and 10.0 gallons with a 40-60 pressure switch. 

The WX-205 tank is equivilent in performance to an 82 gallon galvanized (non-bladder) tank, with an actual tank water volume of 34 gallons.

The WX-205 tank has a factory pressure charge of 38 lbs psi and maximum operating pressure is rated for 150 lbs psi. Regardless of what tank brand or size you install, your tank bladder pressure must be adjusted to your pressure switch situation at time of tank installation in order for your well system to operate correctly. Follow link provided for tank installation and pressure adjustment instructions.

Notice - Our entire stock of Flexcon H2Pro, Well-X-Trol and Flexcon Challenger tanks all contain Diaphragms now instead of "bladders" for longer service life.

Well-X-Trol WX tanks sit on a full skirt to distribute weight evenly, have a stainless steel inlet connection, and extra thick diaphragm. They do not sit on 3 prongs with a plastic (easily split) inlet fitting as do discount store grade tanks.

Lubee's evaluation? The Well-X-Trol pressure tanks are the top-of-the-line, the best tank we sell, the best tank on the market, and that is reflected by the 7 year warranty, higher maximum pressure rating, heavier gauge steel, and thicker diaphragm. Plain and simple, the Well-X-Trol tanks will perform problem-free, last longer, cost a little more, but have a 7 year warranty because they are built better, built rugged, built to last. We offer several makes of good tanks, but Well-X-Trol is the best.

WELL-X-TROL® redefined the industry in 1963 as the first pre-pressurized well tank. Today, Well-X-Trol Professional series tanks continue to deliver unparalleled performance and longevity, making them the most recognized brand on the market. With its sealed air charge and unique water chamber design, Well-X-Trol remains the choice of professionals.

WELL-X-TROL Professional offers more options and sizes than any other well tank manufacturer including vertical, horizontal, in line, and underground in sizes ranging from 2 gallons to 119 gallons. Whether new installation or replacement, there's a WELL-X-TROL Professional to meet every need.

WELL-X-TROL Professional tanks were the first to meet all industry standards for quality and safety. The butyl diaphragm in all models meets EPA requirements for potable water as defined in the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986. The entire tank which includes the virgin polypropylene liner, butyl diaphragm, and acceptance fittings for a 100% corrosion resistant water reservoir is listed by NSF International Standard 61.
• High-strength steel shell offers max working pressures to 125psi
• Virgin polypropylene inner liner will not crack, chip, flake or peel
• Thick butyl rubber diaphragm offers the lowest permeability of any material used today and will not support bacterial growth
• Modern diaphragm design will not collapse or tear like older tank bladder designs
• Stainless-steel system connection (elbow at bottom of tank is stainless steel) 

*The Well-X-Trol WX-205 tank is a direct replacement for the Challenger PC111, H2Pro WWT-30, Well-Rite WR100, Wel-Flow WF110, Champion CM8205 and Sta-Rite Pro-Source PS75T-T03 tanks.

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Weight: 62.10 lbs

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