Brass One Inch Tank Manifold - Complete

Brass One Inch Well Tank Manifold - Complete Kit 
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The brass well tank manifold kit in the photo shows what the manifold kit would look like installed, with the pressure switch, pressure gauge and hose bibb shown and all included. The device would be set up as in the photo, with the inlet-outlet from the well tank (not visible) on the back of the manifold opposite the hose bibb.  Our brass manifold tee kit is a compact and comprehensive assembly. Our Brass One Inch Well Tank Manifold kit makes a first-class well tank installation a snap. Not only does it save you on installation time, but it also saves room and potential leak points when compared to using individual fittings to accomplish the installation.

The one inch Brass Well Tank Manifold Complete Kit invites you to do a first class installation with ease by providing all components required and loosely assembled for a first class installation, just connect your piping, teflon and tighten. The three main inlet-outlet connection points for water in, tank connection and water outlet to house or irrigation use are threaded with both one inch male thread and three-quarter inch female thread at each connection for your convenience.

Additionally, there is a pressure switch nipple, a pressure switch,  a pressure gauge nipple, and a pressure gauge included. All components shown in photo are included. Be sure to select the correct pressure switch from our pull-down menu.

This assembly also includes a standard hose bibb and has an extra half-inch outlet for installation of a pressure relief valve (not included) or second hose bibb (not included) if required (one half-inch plug included).

Perhaps the best aspects of using a well tank manifold are the elimination of multiple fitting connections crammed together that can result in very difficult to deal with leaks after the installation has been completed, plus it invites you to install all relevent accessories quickly (just teflon and tighten), while leaving you the option of adding them later if you choose not to install a particular accessory during the original installation by installing a plug instead.


Weight: 6.10 lbs

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